Staffordshire town to use cutting-edge CCTV


A plan to modernize the CCTV system in Tamworth, Staffordshire to high definition digital has been announced.

The new initiative will see all 76 of the Staffordshire market town’s CCTV cameras fully upgraded to an HD digital set up by early next year. The Borough Council of Tamworth recently announced its joint project working alongside the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) to provide CCTV services throughout the town. This partnership will ensure the new system benefits from recent progress attained by the WMCA in video analytics.

The current control room technology requires a much needed upgrade in order to offer effective support in tackling crime in town, replacing a camera system from the 1990s. The future potential of the service is being explored as an integral part of the review that involves a broad selection of stakeholders and partners.

Tamworth Borough Council has approved sharing the new service with the WMCA as the undisputed choice to meet all objectives outlined and improve the service while keeping long-term costs low for the council. The council has announced that this combined service agreement makes a £400,000 capital investment possible over a term of five years to bring the latest technology to the town’s CCTV network.

John Chesworth of Tamworth Borough Council said:

“Our CCTV system is now several years old and significant investment is required if it is to remain an effective crime prevention tool.”

Teams from the WMCA and Tamworth will join forces over the following months to make certain the new state-of-the-art system is put into place smoothly by April 2020.

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