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Fire precautions must be in place where they are deemed necessary, in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005. This applies wherever it is practical and reasonable to do so, and where these can be regularly and adequately maintained and serviced.

All commercial and industrial properties are thus legally obliged to carry out fire risk assessments. This also applies to any house of multiple occupation. The building may also need a fire alarm system that meets the standards of BS5839.

BS5839 part 1 lays out the required standards and code of practice for fire alarm and detection systems within properties. This covers non-domestic buildings, encompassing the design, installation and operating of the system. Various local authorities across the country also insist that all houses of multiple occupation must meet this exacting standard.

BS5839 part 6 applies to domestic dwellings, usually those occupied by a single family.

Here at BEST Electrical Contractors, we have complete and comprehensive insurance, covering us to design, commission and install fire alarm systems as per the latest requirements. We are also experienced in the provision of maintenance contracts, for either existing or new installations.

If you run a business, you will have enough to think about without trying to keep updated regarding current legislation, so why not let BEST Electrical Contractors remove that strain? Our electrical engineers are fully trained in fire alarm installations of all kinds.


We can assist when it comes to any aspect of security, whether it’s for one small domestic property or multiple commercial or industrial sites. We deal with CCTV, intruder alarms, door entry systems and more.

All of the intruder alarms we install are tailor-made to suit your precise requirements, from single account holders to a number of access codes at various levels.

The Hybrid intruder alarms we supply can communicate with either wireless or hardwired devices, and are thus ideal when you wish to extend an existing installation. The wireless devices use an innovative mesh system to interact. They constantly seek information, as well as supplying the best possible signal to the panel. This makes them ideally suited to commercial installations.

Our domestic and commercial CCTV systems range from one camera to ensure security of the garden outbuilding, to a number of cameras watching over a larger site. The cameras boast authentic 1080pi high definition, and each has varifocal or fixed lenses. All footage is recorded onto a hard drive with a capacity for at least 1TB. This footage can be accessed via various devices – from your smartphone, to an iMac or PC.

Door entry systems utilise the latest technology, and can be controlled via a fob, key pad, card swipe or concierge. The most popular system is contemporary in design, featuring a colour touchscreen within the property that incorporates a door release mechanism.

Whatever your security needs, at BEST Electrical Contractors, we can tailor-make a package to suit you.

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