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We understand that running a business has many demands and whether your business is expanding or has maintenance issues, having an electrical problem, is one you can often do without. We can help with all your electrical requirements and will if needed work around your business and not your business around our work.


Electrical Condition Reports

The British Standards recommend that all electrical installations are periodically tested, to ensure that the installation is in a good condition for continual use and a condition report given to the end user or client. Commercial and industrial installations should be typically inspected every 5 years.

Additional Power & Lighting

We can carry out lighting audits showing energy consumption and comparison with LED installations, typically giving 80% savings. We also offer finance options as the LED lights come with3-5 year warranties. This, along with the low energy usage, often equates to less than the current monthly cost of running incandescent and fluorescent lighting. We can even carry out free lighting designs for both new and existing installations.

As more equipment requires electrical power we can help with everything from additional sockets to distribution boards and supply upgrades. With more electronic equipment now being used in helping us run our busy lives it is important to protect these installations with surge protection. This can be done at source, where the supply enters the building, at each individual distribution board or even across individual circuits. These devices not only protect IT equipment from voltage spikes, but also LED light fittings and heating controls. High Voltage spikes not only occur when the supply is switched on, but also from high voltages imported from local lightning strikes.

Installation & Maintenance

Our engineers are competent in installation and maintenance in all areas of installations including;

How We Work

BEST Electrical Contractors


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Holding conversations with key people throughout to discuss requirements


Efficient management and excellent workmanship for the duration of the project


Finalising a complete, regulated job to the client’s specification with documentation

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