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Planned and Preventative Electrical Maintenance
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Planned and Preventative Electrical Maintenance

At BEST Electrical Contractors, we understand that every working environment requires an electrical installation that operates safely and delivers optimum performance. Property and people are protected from harm and your productivity is never hampered by power loss. To achieve these goals, all electrical elements on site, from your main supply to the sockets and lights, must be regularly maintained by a certified electrical contractor.

While many firms may wait until electrical problems arise before calling in professional electricians, this can be a costly decision. In fact, using preventative maintenance that identifies issues before they become dangerous or disruptive can be 10 times more affordable than reactive maintenance.

Why do you need planned electrical maintenance?

The British Standards advises that electrical installations are inspected and tested, with an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) issued, every five years. To ensure your insurance is valid, this is an essential process. A key advantage of planning maintenance is that testing can be organised so that 20 percent is performed each year in the five-year cycle, minimising costs and company downtime.

Routine maintenance helps to ensure that your system won’t experience issues with operating effectively through regular servicing, and it means potential problems can be identified as soon as possible. Even with a planned maintenance schedule, it’s understood that electrical components can sometimes fail. With this in mind, we enable our clients to feel stress-free and supported by delivering a swift response, with expert professionals able to resolve issues rapidly.

How does planned electrical maintenance work?

With planned electrical maintenance, all of your fixed wiring will be fully checked, and a report will be issued that explains any components that are outdated and require replacing. Work can then be carried out to fix these issues.

We work closely with our clients to develop maintenance plans that avoid any unnecessary disruptions. Testing can be carried out when sites are closed or at quiet times to ensure your operation is never impacted. With constant communication, you’ll be fully informed of all work undertaken.

Experts in preventative electrical maintenance

You might be operating an industrial site like a factory or warehouse, or you may be a commercial developer or facilities manager, but whatever sector you work in, you can rely on BEST Electrical Contractors for all services required. We always welcome feedback and only use premium-quality materials when replacing parts and fitting equipment, ensuring our clients ask themselves: ‘Why go anywhere else?

Contact our qualified team today to arrange your planned electrical maintenance schedule.

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