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CCTV Installation

Whether you’re looking for an all-new CCTV Installation or upgrading your outdated system, there are many options on offer for your consideration.

Beefing up your business’s security is always worthwhile, whether you’re operating in the industrial sector or in charge of facilities. For the protection of property and safeguarding your staff against incident and injury, a CCTV installation can be invaluable.

Closed-circuit television

More commonly called CCTV, closed-circuit television cameras are present in installations where cameras watch important areas around your enterprise, and send video back via signal to monitors where the footage can be viewed live and recorded as evidence. At secure doors and sensitive parts of your site, CCTV cameras can be an excellent deterrent to criminals, as well as a way to identify them to the authorities.

Cutting-edge capability

A CCTV installation can involve one or many cameras depending on the size of your site and your firm’s needs. Modern CCTV cameras can do far more than simply present footage to view and record. With state-of-the-art technology, they can contain a host of sensors designed to pick up sound and movement. Often, these sensors will trigger spotlights, ideal for identifying or scaring off trespassers on your property. Many cameras are capable of 360-degree movement or wide-angle lenses to ensure those under their scrutiny don’t evade detection. Some advanced models of the camera also have the advantage of infrared and night vision – perfect for unwanted nocturnal visitors. Previously a CCTV installation would involve miles of cable to connect cameras to viewing screens, but with today’s technology, wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cameras are readily available.

Qualified help in your corner

If you’re seeking a qualified electrical contractor to install your new CCTV installation in Chester, you can count on our team here at BEST Electrical Contractors. For a reliable installation you can depend on, and to stay in line with UK safety laws, it’s imperative all work is carried out by a professional electrician.

From navigating the multiple options available to finding the best set-up for your business we can assist you every step of the way. Experts on the most effective equipment, we only ever use the best brands for the systems we set up. Once the installation is underway, we’ll be in close contact, keeping you fully informed from start to finish.

Get in touch today and discover the possibilities you can pick from when it’s time to step up your security.

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