Aluminium manufacturer installs site-wide CCTV


Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd., a UK-based manufacturer of flat rolled aluminum products, has installed a new CCTV system.

The company’s site, located in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, covers 27 hectares, forming a base for a rolling mill, litho centres, a casthouse, finishing lines and a multi-slitting line. Prior to the new comprehensive CCTV system, the firm was utilising three different CCTV systems providing cover for separate areas of the site. One system in particular had been installed over 15 years ago and was showing noticeable indications of failure, including inferior image quality.

IT manager for Bridgnorth Aluminium, Steve Denton explained the need for consolidation of cameras from several systems, pointing out that the move was not only an important one for site security, but for employee health and safety too.

The new CCTV set-up design features a single IP-based system that covers the entire location. This includes the site perimeter and external places, along with a selection of indoor areas that count among them important production areas. The new set-up utilises the Bridgnorth Aluminium’s IP network already deployed across the site, avoiding any need for a coaxial cable installation. The IP-based CCTV has provided the firm with the opportunity to use newer technology benefiting from enhanced images.

The CCTV cameras operating in the new system feature a mixture of 180 and 360 degree dome type models as well as bullet cameras. All cameras in the network feedback to a pair of advanced hardware platforms that manage and store the video recordings.

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