Colchester cab businesses to employ CCTV


Taxicab companies are set to install closed circuit-television.

Plans for CCTV cameras in every cab in Colchester are in the works after the local council for the region approved an official consultation on the initiative.

Following an agreement made on January 22, Colchester Borough Council officials are now inviting comments from the town’s taxicab companies and members of the general public in order to make an informed decision in the spring.

In a bid designed to protect property, drivers and the public the adopted scheme will see all vehicles for private hire and hackney carriage vehicles around Colchester legally required to have CCTV cameras fitted. Draft proposals outlining finance for such a move state the cab enterprises would be responsible for the payment of any CCTV instalment and future maintenance of equipment, but they would be able to list the expense as a business cost and reclaim the funds via HMRC.

Businesses requiring a CCTV installation around Chester, Colchester and other parts of the UK should always use a fully qualified contractor to complete the work.

Mike Lilley, official for public safety and wellbeing at Colchester Borough Council, commented:

“I’m pleased that our Licensing Committee has agreed to take this proposed policy forward to consultation. I see this as a proactive move to ensure we’re doing all we can to keep those who live, work and visit Colchester safe.”

CCTV cameras deployed by the cab companies will operate while vehicles are being used, continually recording events inside. All video data will be stored for a period of 28 day before deletion and CCTV will be signposted within cabs.

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