High resolution cameras planned for Lowestoft


To protect commercial businesses and the local community, a new initiative could see the closed-circuit television (CCTV) network around Lowestoft replaced with all new, cutting-edge equipment.

In a recent announcement, cabinet member for community health at East Suffolk Council, Cllr Mary Rudd, stated that Lowestoft’s programme for superfast broadband could mean extensive upgrades for the town’s CCTV system, including high-resolution cameras.

Enterprises arranging a CCTV installation in Chester, Lowestoft and other areas across the UK should always use a certified electrical contractor to fit equipment in order to ensure it is safe and operating effectively.

In April this year, the Town Council of Lowestoft voiced an aim to update the network of 57 cameras around Lowestoft, but agreed that the decision fell to East Suffolk Council, so it could be coordinated with the new broadband project planned.

Cllr Rudd commented:

“The upgrade will be made possible because of the high data capacity of the superfast fibre network. This means that the system could operate with high definition cameras.”

The high-quality imaging capabilities of more modern cameras have been selected to assist local police to trace potential suspects more efficiently. The technology also allows the CCTV network to be streamlined, with the setup enabling a single camera to provide the picture quality of up to three of the units used currently.

The new CCTV and superfast broadband facility are part of a larger scheme designed by the local councils to transform the town into a tourist destination and investment opportunity.

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