Redditch protects local business and community with updated CCTV


A new improved system of closed-circuit television (CCTV) has now been installed around Redditch in Worcestershire. The major upgrade has seen the original analogue equipment replaced with a new digital system to safeguard shops and residents, allowing them to feel safer in the area.

The faster system offering superior quality CCTV in Redditch is also more mobile and allows cameras to be moved and deployed to target troubled parts of the town as and when required. The digital nature of the footage captured means it can be shared far more easily and quickly with the police.

Businesses arranging a CCTV installation in Chester, Redditch and other parts of the UK can obtain advice and support from experienced electricians. With a wealth of options available on the market, an expert eye can be an advantage when selecting the right system for specific needs.

Redditch Borough Council leader, Cllr Matt Dormer commented on the new set-up:

“It not only improves the quality of CCTV both for us and our partners in the area, but also allows us to run the service more efficiently than ever.”

The system cost £339,000 to complete was provided by West Mercia’s Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion.

The new installation will provide a service not only to Redditch Borough, but to nearby Kidderminster and Bromsgrove as well. All CCTV cameras employed around Redditch will feed footage back to a central hub located at Redditch Town Hall. A special monitoring centre has been set up with brand new state-of-the-art equipment for round-the-clock surveillance

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