Sony offers CCTV with AI capability


In a world-first, new image sensors designed by the Sony Corporation are arriving with in-built Artificial Intelligence (AI).

According to the company, the new sensors, dubbed IMX500 and IMX501, could enable the development of more secure and cost-effective AI-powered closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

The new “intelligent vision” sensors were designed to answer CCTV privacy concerns and to speed up the time it takes to send both video footage and captured images to the cloud. The advanced technology uses memory and a logic processor to enable cameras equipped with sensors to complete AI-equipped computer vision function without any need for additional hardware.

Businesses planning a CCTV installation in Chester that benefits from the latest advances in technology should consult professional electrical contractors for advice. Experienced in the vast array of products available, they can offer insight into selecting the ideal equipment for different enterprises, including those operating in the commercial and industrial sectors.

The new AI sensors from Sony can record 4K resolution video at 60 frames a second and capture a 12-megapixel image. The sensors can also deliver metadata gathered from what the sensor sees while capturing no images at all. Along with security, the sensors could also be used in CCTV cameras at commercial enterprises for tracking footfall and for inventory purposes, as they can count daily visitors and products on shelves.

Sony has now begun to ship test samples of its initial image sensor, the IMX500, to some early customers and expects a launch of products containing the new technology by early 2021.

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