UK retailer bolsters security during lockdown


Central England Co-op has stepped up security measures throughout many of its 260 shopping outlets across the UK as a reaction to the current crisis.

The company is currently keeping its shops open, providing customers in 16 counties with crucial food and household supplies and stated publicly it will not stand for any crime or violent act visited on its staff or property

Loss Prevention Manager at Co-op, Craig Goldie, said:

“During these uncertain times we all having to adapt but one thing that remains constant for us here at Central England Co-op is our zero tolerance towards all types of crime.”

The Co-ops warning to criminals is backed up by a boost to security including an additional 150 guards to enforce social distancing guidelines and help both staff and customers feel safe.

The company is working in conjunction with police and is also adding new physical security measures such as upgraded CCTV systems. Commercial enterprises beefing up security with a CCTV installation in Chester, Liverpool and other cities should consult certified electrical contractors for the best types of set-up for their business. Retail outlets can sometimes benefit from Bluetooth cameras that minimise unwanted wires in show.

The new cameras are centrally monitored, and employees can call for help using a panic button. Other advanced security measures deployed include GPS trackers and strict cash controls to limit money held in stores to minimal amounts. Motion sensors have also been installed outside outlets, active outside of operating hours. If triggered, the sensors activate CCTV and will contact local police if necessary.

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