LED lighting installation planned for Lincolnshire facility


The largest of Britain’s privately owned farming enterprises, Beeswax Dyson Farming, is planning to install a LED lighting installation in a new production facility set to be constructed in Lincolnshire.

The state-of-the art facility represents a multimillion-pound investment that will be used to grow strawberries indoors all year round, as well as packaging and refrigerating them in cold storage. Covering six hectares, the vast facility will be based in the village of Carrington and is expected to produce around 750 tonnes of the popular fruit at any given time.

The facility has been designed with green credentials in line with current legislation. As part of this aim, developers have opted for a full LED lighting installation for the production site.

Businesses planning an industrial electrical installation in Chester, Lincolnshire and other parts of the UK, such as a LED lighting system, can benefit from qualified assistance. Professional electrical services can analyse and assess potential savings gained from using LED-based lighting over more traditional options allowing enterprises to see how the technology can benefit them.

The glasshouses on site will be fully equipped with a LED lighting installation that will assist production in winter and flowering lamps designed to maximise both flower and fruit growth. In total there will be 6,800 LED-based flowering lamps of 11 watts each installed at the new facility.

The highly efficient greenhouses will also have the advantage of energy-saving curtains developed to keep heat and light in while providing shade in the day.

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