New electrical substation planned for Warrington


A building that formerly served as a block of public toilets in Warrington’s town centre is set to undergo a demolition to make way for a new electricity substation. The disused structure is located in Bank Park, and planning permission has now been requested for it to be bulldozed.

The new electrical substation will facilitate a new supply of power for Warrington Town Hall. The planned installation will also include brand-new electrical vehicle (EV) charge-points that will be fitted in the nearby car park.

Local government buildings, public hubs and enterprises planning electrical installations in Chester, Warrington and other UK cities and towns should only use certified contractors to complete the work required. Qualified electricians can ensure all equipment is fitted to code, operating with maximum efficiency and is safe for use.

Documents submitted for the proposal commented that the civic building is currently supplied by outdated low-voltage equipment that dates back to early 1970s, which no longer has spare components available to effect repairs.

The submission commented on a recent incident regarding an electrical panel:

“More recently, when one of these switches was operated parts of the switch broke – rendering the switch inoperable. Fortunately, there was a spare switch mechanism not being used that supplied the old baths site which was used to replace the broken unit.”

The document added that due to the cabling currently in service’s age, faults have also occurred on the underground infrastructure, increasing the need for immediate replacement.

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