NHS adopts energy efficient options


A 2019 report uncovered that the National Health Service (NHS) contributes to over five percent of carbon emissions for the UK. Now, NHS Property Services, the organisation responsible for a portion of the health service’s total estate, is claiming that efforts to use clean technology are assisting it to reduce CO2 levels.

The NHS has undertaken steps to decarbonise its operations, and states that the initiative has not only reaped environmental benefits, but also economic advantages. Emissions have been greatly reduced by using LED lighting, renewable power options and by improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

NHS Property Services attend to over 3,500 different properties utilised by the country’s healthcare services, including dedicated health centres, surgeries and hospitals. It recently announced that it has completed the move to using 100 percent renewable power and increased its attempts to improve energy saving.

Throughout 2019 and the early months of 2020, over 40 of the properties in its care have seen LED lighting installed, as part of an investment worth £1.5 million. Enterprises can consult electrical contractors in Chester, London and other UK cities before planning an LED installation. Professional electricians can run a comprehensive energy audit at commercial and industrial properties and calculate the potential savings of using a renewable solution, such as LED lighting.

The new LED lighting has led to extensive yearly energy savings, greatly reducing running costs out-of-hours for the NHS. A wide selection of other sustainable methods are also being adopted on NHS sites, including replacing plastic bottles with reusable aluminium options and using disposable Vegware cutlery, which is biodegradable.

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