What to look for in an electrical contractor for sensitive environments


While electrical maintenance must always be carried out by professional contractors with the right skills and qualifications, certain environments require even more care and attention. From care homes and educational institutions to commercial enterprises like shops and offices, where ongoing work can’t be disrupted, electrical projects of all sizes must be planned out in advance, whether they involve fire safety installations or the fitting of electric vehicle (EV) charge points.

In the following sections, we’ll take a closer look at some of the key qualities that electrical contractors must have to perform work in such an environment.

Experience and qualifications

Electrical work must only be conducted by trained tradespeople with the correct certifications. This ensures not only that they will carry out work safely, causing no harm to themselves, but systems tended to will be maintained or repaired to the British Standard. This makes certain that all equipment and operations powered by electricity will work at optimum and cause no harm to others.

While competence is key, experience is also important. When undertaking a project in a sensitive environment, it helps for contract managers and onsite electrical teams to have a proven record working under such circumstances.

Strong communication skills

The more sensitive a working environment, the stronger the lines of communication must be. Electrical contractors who develop schedules alongside their clients are highly prized. Electrical work can be complex, and for onsite safety, it may require certain areas to be temporarily off limits. By working together, contract teams and those in charge of a building or business can ensure a minimum amount of inconvenience occurs. Keeping everyone onsite informed of work being undertaken is key to avoid disruption and maintain high levels of health and safety.

Compassionate and can-do attitude

Electrical contractors must be flexible to the needs of their clients, while remaining sympathetic to those using or living within a property while work is completed. Work areas should always be safely sectioned off wherever possible to keep any building occupants safe, and all access ways should never be blocked with equipment or tools.

If work involves excessive noise, it should be scheduled for a time when it will cause the least amount of disruption. In the case of retail outlets and offices, this may involve work being performed over night or at weekends.

Do you need electrical work conducted in a sensitive environment?

At BEST Electrical Contractors, our team is ready to take on any task necessary. Whether you’re looking to take a proactive approach with a planned maintenance schedule at your site or need assistance with a project either small or large, we can help.

With experience gained working in sensitive working environments, we work closely with our clients, ensuring minimum disruption to their daily activities while maintaining optimum health and safety while working. We are a registered member of the Electrical Contractors Association and a NICEIC-approved contractor.

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