Firefighters confront electrical blaze at fast food outlet


A recent fire that took place in the forecourt of a McDonald’s restaurant saw authorities limit access to the area as crews attempted to safeguard the site.

On July 21, members of the Humberside Fire and Rescue services were called out to 13-17 Boothferry Road, where the western Hull branch of the McDonald’s restaurant chain is located. Upon arrival, the crews identified an electrical fire in an outdoor area used by both pedestrians and drivers.

Images taken at the scene showed an electrical box in front of the outlet engulfed in flame, sending billowing clouds of black smoke up into the air around Hull. The fire was caused by an electrical fault within one of the boxes, which are known as pad-mounted transformers. These boxes are a key element of electrical systems supplying power to both homes and businesses where an electrical service is stationed underground.

To maintain the safety of both property and people, it is the responsibility of every commercial enterprise to schedule regular maintenance of all its onsite electrical systems. Businesses requiring a commercial electrician in Chester, Hull or other parts of the country for their routine servicing should only select certified contractors for the task to ensure all work carried out is up to code.

While members of the electricity board isolated the unit, the fire crews at the scene worked to secure the incident. Members of the public were warned to vacate the area and it was necessary for the section of Boothferry Road outside the restaurant to be closed.

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