New charging app launched by Electrical Safety First


The consumer charity Electrical Safety First has released a new app for charging phones.

The new application called UNPLUG is part of the charity’s campaign to battle the use of counterfeit and substandard electrical chargers. The innovative new charger employs kinetic energy to recharge personal devices while the people who own them are on the move.

Individuals walking running or cycling can charge their phone’s battery without the need to plug devices into a wall socket with mains power supply. The app harnesses the natural energy and powers up the battery safely.

Multiuse smartphones today are employed for an increasingly large number of tasks in everyday life. Gaming, listening to music, emailing and video streaming are as common as texts and calls, and this high demand can drain battery life rapidly. Many individuals end up purchasing a back-up charger for a lower price. However, these chargers are often not only inferior in quality, but also substandard in terms of electrical safety.

UNPLUG has been developed by Electrical Safety First to provide those using their phone extensively with a safer option for a backup charger. Using the phone’s accelerometer along with kinetic energy, it charges devices without any need to plug in. The flexible design includes many useful options involving sharing a charge with colleagues and friends. Accrued power can be sent instantly via the app. For less active individuals, phones with the app can be attached to pets, letting them do the running around while batteries are charged.

Ensuring any electrical appliance purchased is made to safety standards is essential to avoid the possible dangers caused by inferior and counterfeit devices.

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