Cause of Yorkshire factory blaze uncovered


The Fire Authority for West Yorkshire has now disclosed the cause behind a factory fire that took place in September 2020.

A new report issued by the Fire Authority offered in-depth details and insights into one of the largest incidents the service has been called to attend in recent months. The fire took place at a factory run by dedicated barrel makers R. Spivey & Sons, based at Birstall’s Norquest Industrial Park in West Yorkshire.

After the call came in, a total of 10 different fire appliances were sent to the scene, with combined crews that included 68 firefighters from across the county tackling the inferno together. After a lengthy 10-hour battle, the fire services managed to extinguish the blaze and secure the industrial site where the incident took place.

The recent report from the Fire Authority firmly states that the cause of the large-scale fire was sparks, generated from grinding work, igniting debris soaked with diesel, which was located beneath a fuel tank.

Owners and operators of industrial enterprises in the UK must ensure that the factories or warehouses under their care are fully equipped with fire prevention systems onsite, or they can face fines from health and safety regulators.

All facility owners must conduct a comprehensive fire risk assessment to ensure all staff and property are well protected. The result of such an assessment many mean that firms must hire industrial electrical contractors in Chester, Yorkshire and other parts of the UK to fit fire alarm systems, smoke detectors and other devices.

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