Stockport blaze leads police to investigate


A recent fire at an industrial estate in Stockport, Greater Manchester has raised suspicion, causing police and fire crews to open an investigation.

The recent fire started in a one-storey unit located at the Whitehill Industrial Estate on Reddish’s Hibbert Street. At around 6.40pm, smoke had been witnessed issuing from the structure and the local services were called to attend.

A total of nine fire appliances arrived on the scene, including both air and ground vehicles staffed by the Command Support Unit and the Technical Response Unit. Crews tackled the blaze with jet hoses while wearing protective breathing apparatus. The fire provided difficult due to the high volume of card and paper involved, but by 9.30pm, the blaze was safely under control.

Despite this, local residents were advised to keep both doors and windows shut until the noxious fumes from the fire had dissipated.

Greater Manchester Police later commented:

“No arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing. A joint investigation will be carried out to establish the cause of the fire.”

Proprietors and operators of industrial enterprises are obligated to conduct a comprehensive fire safety risk assessment for the warehouses and factories they operate. If necessary, it may prove crucial that they install a dedicated fire alarm system, along with smoke detectors and handheld equipment, such as extinguishers.

Firms can depend on professional industrial electrical contractors in Chester, Stockport and other metropolitan areas of Northern England to fit systems and equipment to code, ensuring their operations remain compliant with regulations.

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