Welsh industrial fire blazes all night


A recent industrial fire in Swansea’s Clydach area was expected to burn all night, according to local fire chiefs. The massive blaze in the Welsh city saw emergency services race to a unit operated by a firm that recycles metal at the Player Industrial Estate.

Heavy plumes of thick black smoke were sighted from far across the city as the fire gained ground at DBC Recycling’s base.

Companies operating facilities like recycling plants, warehouses and factories are responsible for performing fire risk assessments on their premises. If fire alarms and smoke detectors must be installed to protect people and property, companies can use local industrial electrical contractors in Chester, Swansea and other parts of the UK who are qualified to fit equipment.

Crews were despatched from multiple stations in the vicinity, including Pontardawe, Neath and Morriston, while a dedicated water bowser was sent from Tumble. Firefighters were ably supported onsite by officers from the South Wales Police, who advised local residents to ensure their windows and doors remained locked as protection from potential smoke inhalation as the noxious vapours filled the air.

The Welsh Ambulance Service Trust also offered strong support, with two crews present on standby from its dedicated Hazardous Area Response Team.

Due to the volume of metal and rubber tyres being consumed by the blaze, local fire services commented that the unit would burn through the night, and due to this, crews stayed onsite through the small hours as a precaution.

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