Why is servicing your fire prevention devices so important?


Whether they are working in the industrial or commercial sector, most businesses understand the need to have dedicated fire prevention methods in place on site. These may take the form of hand-held devices like extinguishers delivering a variety of payloads, or simple sand buckets for smothering small fires.

For larger sites, however, a comprehensive fire risk assessment may demand more rigorous measures are adopted like early-warning smoke detectors or a dedicated fire alarm system.

Putting fire prevention solutions in position at your place of business is a critical move to safeguarding the property and the people who use it, but they must be regularly maintained if they are to be relied on. To ensure you can count on your alarms and detectors when you need them most, there’s no substitute for scheduled servicing from qualified professionals.

Your safety responsibilities on site

You might be running an enterprise from a large industrial unit or be a facilities manager caretaking a commercial property but either way you have both a legal and moral obligation to make certain appropriate protection against fire exists on your site. While you may have fitted smoke detectors or a dedicated fire alarm system, this is not enough on its own. Part of your responsibility includes maintaining these systems and making sure they are always operating at optimum so they can help save lives in the event of a fire.

Operating within the law

Routine fire alarm testing is also vital to make sure that your company operates inside the laws for fire safety, established by the government and to avoid any hefty fines when equipment is found lacking. Arranging a routine servicing of your systems every six months can give you greater peace of mind, knowing that should you be inspected, your enterprise will meet the approved standards.

To make sure all work will stand up to inspection and so you can prove equipment has been expertly checked, it is essential that servicing is carried out by fully qualified contractors. Certified electricians are not only skilled at installing a wide range of fire prevention devices on site but can recommend the most reliable manufacturers to purchase products from. Professional electricians also have the correct qualifications that are respected by fire safety regulators ensuring all testing completed will be verified and accepted.

Expert assistance from professional electricians

If you’d like to remove the worries of whether your fire alarm system will pass inspection or save lives if a fire breaks out its worth considering a comprehensive service plan. You might be looking to book a fire alarm installation for your new premises or upgrading an existing system on site, but you can always count on our team at BEST Electrical to fit equipment to the British Standard. Once installed, alarms systems can be regularly tested and serviced through a contract plan to suit your firm’s individual needs, so call us today for a free quotation, and make sure your property is protected from fire.

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