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Fire Alarm Servicing

When you want to be sure that your fire prevention measures are operating efficiently, there’s no substitute for a professional fire alarm servicing. If you run an industrial or commercial enterprise, you need to know that you can rely on your fire alarm system. Regular servicing will ensure your personnel and property are well defended from fire, with an alarm system you can count on.

A responsibility for safety

Whether you operate a warehouse in the industrial sector or retail outlets in commercial properties around Chester, as a business owner, it’s both your moral and legal responsibility to ensure you have adequate protection from fire on your premises. You might have installed smoke and fire alarms as part of a fire risk assessment, but to make certain they’re functioning properly, they will require regular servicing.

To keep in line with UK legislation and avoid unnecessary fines and risks to your employees, you need to conduct routine fire alarm servicing. Getting a regular check-up every six months will offer you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge your system is operating to the British Safety Standard.

Certified assistance is essential

To avoid loss of lives and protect your financial investment against fire, it’s vital that routine fire alarm servicing is carried out. Contracts can be obtained with certified electricians to ensure your business keeps to a schedule and is always up to date with its service record.
Fire alarm servicing, tests and maintenance should only ever be conducted by a fully qualified professional to ensure the work is performed efficiently.

An authority of fire alarms

If you’ve decided it’s time to take control of your fire alarm maintenance schedule, we’re perfectly placed to help. With extensive experience gained fitting and servicing fire alarm installations across the UK, we can not only advise you, but also set up a regular service contract, so you won’t have to worry anymore.

With regular visits from our qualified electrical contractor booked in advance, you’ll know you’re operating your business in line with the latest fire prevention legislation. We communicate closely with all our clients and welcome any feedback both positive and negative, as we always seek to improve our service.

With a plan in place for essential fire alarm servicing, you can feel safe knowing your property and the people’s lives you’re responsible for are in safe hands. Contact our team here at Bundy’s Electrical today to arrange your contract.

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