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Fire Alarm Testing

When you need to be certain that your fire alarms and smoke detectors are functioning effectively, every business requires regular fire alarm testing. Whereas systems in residential properties can sometimes be simple and straightforward if you’re in charge of fire safety, at either a commercial or industrial site, then fire alarm testing is a task best left to the professionals. To make sure your property and people are protected always commit to a schedule of regular testing of all systems acting as detection or defence when fire occurs.

Regular testing with professional support

It’s possible for a responsible person on your site in charge of safety and security to conduct simple weekly tests that can quickly identify simple faults like low batteries with warning alarms that indicate they need replacing. However, when you need comprehensive fire alarm testing for your enterprise, arranging for a qualified professional to troubleshoot your system is well advised.

With technical training backed up by years of experience, a certified electrician can put your fire alarm to the test effectively so you can depend on it when you need It most. While fire alarm systems in premises for domestic use are less complicated, those employed in businesses can be more advanced. If you’re not entirely sure how your system works, it’s not worth the risk of trying to test it yourself.

Best practices for fire alarm testing

Always keep to a regular schedule, and record all your fire alarm testing in a digital and physical logbook on site.

The UK fire safety laws state that to be compliant, commercial and industrial businesses must regularly maintain fire prevention and detection equipment on site such as smoke detectors and fire alarms. If you’re running a company, you’re legally bound to ensure you have effective measures in place for risk of fire and that they are operating efficiently.

A partnership for protection

If you’re looking for peace of mind when it comes to fire alarm testing, you can contact Bundy’s Electrical for support. We work with our customers to ensure they stay on top of their regular fire maintenance testing. Understanding that business owners have enough on their minds without worries about fire safety, we can arrange a regular testing timetable. Well-staffed with certified electricians we can complete your fire alarm tests with professional expertise.

Call Bundy’s today to start scheduling your tests and keep compliant with UK law.


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