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Smoke Alarm Installation

You could be planning an all-new smoke alarm installation or bringing your current system up to date, but either way, there is vast variety of equipment you can pick from.

Bolstering your business’s fire security is always a wise move, no matter if you operate an industrial or commercial enterprise, or are employed as a building developer. Protecting both properties and the people that use them is crucial when it comes to risk from fire, making professional smoke alarm installation an important investment.

Smoke-detecting systems

Fires safety systems can include product designed to warn occupants when a risk of fire is present. Precautionary smoke detectors contain cutting-edge sensors able to identify lethal fumes and sound the alarm, ensuring building occupants can escape danger in good time. A state-of-the-art smoke alarm installation can even be wired directly to fire services in the building’s local area, so rapid response is possible, cutting down the damage to property and danger to employees. The most current smoke alarm systems can use wireless Wi-Fi to send signals, ideal for unwanted and unsightly cable in commercial installations.

British safety standards

Both industrial and commercial properties have a lawful obligation to conduct a fire risk assessment, which might include a smoke alarm installation using a system manufactured to the British standard BS5839. This is as per the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which insists that preventative fire precautions should be implemented when needed and always regularly maintained with correct servicing.

The safety standard describes the code of practice for both fire detection and fire alarm systems deployed in properties, and covers not only the commissioning, but the installation and design of the system as well.

Specialist smoke alarm experts

At BEST Electrical Contractors, we have full insurance, allowing us to design and install smoke alarm systems in line with government legislation, along with commissioning them to this high standard. All our electricians are fully trained to install any fire or smoke alarm system you require. To comply with safety regulations, smoke detectors and alarms must only be fitted by qualified professionals.

If your enterprise in Chester needs a new smoke alarm installation, we can help. Using trusted brands, we’ll install a system you can rely on. We can create bespoke smoke alarm installations to suit your business needs, and at each step you’ll be fully informed of what’s happening. Contact our team of expert electrical advisors today to get started on designing your new smoke alarm system.

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