Improved EufyCam security solution available


The new EufyCam E2-Cam Kit retains the strengths of its predecessor while fixing user issues to present an enhanced security option for home and enterprise owners alike. Providing exceptional battery life and a super-sharp 1080p video quality, the new edition of the kit ticks the same boxes while solving poor recording performance, a lack of voice commands and an installation process some users reported tricky to complete.

What’s in the box?

The kit ships with a dedicated hub, power adapter, two EufyCam e-type cameras, a 16GB microSD card, two screw-in style camera mountings, two magnetic-style camera mountings and a charging cable with a USB connector, along with the necessary screws for mounting. Users will also receive quick-start instructions.

Equipment capabilities

The EufyCam kit is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The cutting-edge 1080p camera boasts a 140 degree-wide field of vison. Operating in darkness, the cameras are equipped with twin infrared LEDS, supplying users with 33 feet of powerful night vision. To ward off unwanted intruders who get within their proximity, the devices are also empowered with an in-built siren capable of blasting trespassers with 100 decibels, making it ideal for perimeter protection. For convenience and flexibility, the cameras are entirely wireless.

Firms arranging a CCTV installation in Chester, Liverpool and other UK cities can count on qualified electricians for both professional product advice and a proficient equipment fitting. Possessing up-to-date knowledge of the latest cameras on the market, electrical contractors can often recommend a solution to suit individual needs and with specialist training, can also install equipment correctly so you can trust it’s operating effectively.

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