Surrey council proposes CCTV for taxi services


In a recent statement issued by Guildford Borough, the council has proposed the installation of Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) camera systems in all licensed vehicles as part of its new policy for Hackney Carriage and private Hire Driver services.

Studies undertaken by the borough have revealed that other councils have found the introduction of dedicated CCTV systems in vehicles to be beneficial to both drivers of taxis and their paying passengers. The devices have increased safety statistics and shown a reduction in crimes involving cabs, often supplying the police with essential evidence for investigations and prosecutions.

Other potential amendments include a two-step programme to reduce vehicle emissions, a test for vehicle service proprietors to ensure they are licensed to operate, new driver standards regarding reference checks and increased vehicle safety assessments.

Enterprises conducting a CCTV installation in Chester, Guildford and other parts of the country can rely on qualified electricians to fit equipment. With extensive knowledge of available products on the market, they can offer expert advice on the most suitable solution for a firm’s needs, and with certified skills they are capable of performing a diverse range of installations.

Guildford Borough Council has stipulated that any licensing authority that requires CCTV systems for its private hire vehicles and taxis will be responsible for all private data collected and retained. The council is currently conducting a survey on its proposed alterations to the Taxi Licensing Policy, which will be open for comments until Monday, January 11, 2021.

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