Key business benefits of a CCTV installation


From firms in the industrial sector operating warehouses and factories to commercial enterprises like retail chains and gyms, securing the safety of your property and the people within is a crucial consideration. As part of your business, you may have valuable stockholdings onsite or key data centres you need to protect, and from your own personnel to the clients and customers you serve, you’ll have a duty of care to ensure they remain safe on your premises.

While a strong perimeter fence is vital, it can’t defend against incidents onsite. A dedicated closed-circuit television (CCTV) system will not only watch your boundaries, but can provide a wealth of invaluable assistance within. In the following sections, we’ll list the benefits a CCTV system can bring to your business and the best practices for planning an installation.

Deterring crime

CCTV is an ideal deterrent to criminal behaviour and trespassers, with intruders and thieves avoiding sites with a CCTV system in favour of weaker targets.

Monitoring activity

Round-the-clock CCTV gives enterprise owners total awareness of all activity carried out on site, offering high levels of peace of mind and seamless security.

Collecting evidence

If a crime occurs onsite, CCTV can provide indelible evidence of events that can help the police achieve efficient prosecutions. Today’s cameras provide full-colour and high-resolution recordings, even in low lighting, helping to clearly identify individuals. Times and locations are logged on systems, providing accurate evidence.

Dealing with disputes

Security footage can also be useful to settle disagreements between staff members or claims of unfairness. In commercial settings, they can supply factual data on altercations between customers and staff, making such matters easier to manage.

Keeping records

CCTV supplies a cost-effective and time-efficient method of recording detailed data of your staff and visitors entering or leaving your site.

Staying healthy

Finally, the latest thermographic bullet cameras can assess skin temperatures of visitors and staff before they enter. Being able to identify the temperatures associated with COVID symptoms can keep your workforce healthy and your firm in business.

How do you select a CCTV system, and who should install it?

There are a multitude of CCTV systems and devices to select from on today’s current market, which can make finding the most suitable solution for your site a tricky task. To confound this issue further, while CCTV products designed for residential use and home security may be simplistic, enterprise-grade options you can count on to protect your business are not. These circumstances can lead to a faulty fitting, resulting in ineffective equipment or a wasted investment.

Fortunately, certified electricians not only have the skillset to install a wide range of advanced CCTV systems, but they can also offer professional advice on the best type of solution bespoke to your needs. By hiring qualified electrical contractors to complete the work, you can be sure that if an incident occurs onsite, you can count on your cameras.

For advice and support on your next CCTV installation, or for help upgrading your outdated system, contact BEST Electrical Contractors today.

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