Grant secured to install CCTV in Mansfield


New CCTV and streetlighting will be installed around Mansfield, Nottinghamshire after receipt of £462,000 worth of funding.

The government grant was recently secured by Caroline Henry, Crime Commissioner, and Nottinghamshire Police. Along with improvements to the market town’s lighting and CCTV system, home and enterprise security issues will also be tackled by a new team of “Safer Streets” police officers. Taking part in high-visibility patrols, these special wardens and a constable will supply a physical police presence deterring robbery, burglary and vehicle crime in hotspots around the district, like the wards Woodlands and Portland.

Commissioner Henry commented on the initiative in a statement:

“Together, we need to take a stand against criminals and reclaim our streets – that is why I was elected. With the full support of our partners, I aim to make life infinitely intolerable for those who bring misery to our communities and have no regard to the law.”

The new CCTV devices will be fixed but re-deployable with 4G imaging. Additional devices that can automatically recognise number plates will also be installed.

CCTV systems can provide a powerful deterrent against crime. Today’s cameras are able to capture accurate, high-resolution images of criminal activity, providing evidential material that can lead to smoother prosecutions.

Firms planning a CCTV installation in Chester, Mansfield and other parts of the UK can count on qualified electricians to fit equipment. A professional installation can guarantee that devices are operating at optimum and can be relied upon when an incident takes place.

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