Leeds City councillors consider compulsory CCTV in licensed taxis


Leeds City Council is currently exploring the option of enforcing vehicles for private hire and taxis to install mandatory CCTV systems.

This move by the City Council of Leeds is inspired by the perceived positive impact this practice has had for licensing authorities elsewhere. A working group will be set up by the Council to decide the practicality of operating CCTV systems in taxis and private hire vehicles.

The licensing authority for Leeds actively supports drivers seeking to fit CCTV within their vehicles, offering a subsidiary fund of £250 to help with installation costs. Now, it is considering a new initiative for an obligatory licensing regulation.

A city council report on the move states:

“While only a small minority of licensing authorities have so far mandated all vehicles to be fitted with CCTV systems, the experience of those authorities that have has been positive for both passengers and drivers.

“The evident benefits CCTV could provide are therefore an important factor when considering CCTV in vehicles.”

The next step for the Council will likely be to conduct a Data Protection Assessment to assess privacy risks to the public along with the benefits of CCTV for taxi and private hire vehicle drivers and their passengers.

Under the Data Protection Act 2018, those enforcing a proposal likely to put the freedoms and rights of people at high risk must first carry out an assessment on any detrimental impact it may have on protecting personal data.

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