New CCTV device released by Arlo


With its launch of the Pro 3 this year, Arlo has produced a camera suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, equipped with cutting-edge features.

In appearance, the Arlo Pro 3 resembles the contoured shape of its predecessor, the Pro 2. Its weatherproof qualities offer it strong protection when stationed outside, and entirely wireless, the Pro 3 is equipped with a battery cable lasting up to six months, depending on use. While other devices on the market are available with batteries capable of lasting twice as long, the Pro 3’s battery is fully rechargeable.

Outstanding image capture

In terms of video, the Pro 3 steps beyond the accepted industry standard and delivers 2560p high-definition display, backed up by HDR sensors to deliver impressive footage even outdoors, negating glare and shadows. Its night vision is second to none and offers not only infrared imaging – equipped with a spotlight, it has full colour capability. This makes it exceptional for evidence collection, as it can accurately capture colours of cars and clothes belonging to potential intruders.

Additional benefits

The Arlo Pro 3 has a 130-degree field of vision and powerful zoom option when required. It also features user-friendly, two-way audio for communication, making it ideal for dedicated access points on premises. The device also integrates well with a wide range of smart platforms, making it suitable for home, as well as enterprise deployment. Firms booking a CCTV installation in Chester, Manchester and other UK cities should always use a certified professional to fit systems.

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