New CCTV update planned for seaside town


A recently revealed initiative will see Blackpool upgrade its current CCTV network with enhanced devices and new capabilities. As part of the newly planned measures designed to boost safety levels around town, a brand-new security command centre will also be created.

The new council proposal will represent an investment of around £2 million and will involve it quadrupling the number of cameras in position at present. The innovative devices being considered would have 360-degree vision capabilities and would be installed along with over 100 speakers mounted on the CCTV columns with the capacity to deliver important public service and safety messages.

The new CCTV system is being planned to protect the town from potential terrorist activities, a threat highlighted by a report to the council regarding the inquiry into the Manchester Arena bombing.

Both local authorities and businesses planning to update their CCTV installation in Blackpool, Chester and other places in the UK can look to professional electricians for end-to-end support. From advice on the most reputable and suitable solutions available to comprehensive installations that ensure equipment is running at optimum, certified electrical contractors have skills and experience that companies and councils can count on.

At present, the town’s CCTV hub is based in the former police station on Bonny Street, but the new initiative will see it relocated to Corporation Street’s Municipal Buildings. This will allow the new control centre space to establish a coordination hub for incidents.

If approved, the council project will involve most of the outdated CCTV devices being replaced with new technology.

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