West Midlands town shows spike in CCTV


North-west of Birmingham, the large market town of Dudley is experiencing a massive growth in the deployment of closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems.

At present, there are around 16,000 CCTV devices operating around Dudley, amounting to approximately one device for every 13 individuals in the area. Surprisingly, very few of these cameras are under the control of the police or local authority. Instead, devices are operated by retail outlets and other businesses around town, along with residents who are beefing up security and protecting their homes.

Enterprises and organisations planning a CCTV installation in Chester, Dudley and other urban UK communities can depend on qualified electricians to fit devices. Not only are such individuals highly skilled at installing what can sometimes be complex security systems, professional electricians are also knowledgeable on the latest and most reliable equipment. This enables them to advise on the most suitable products for a particular premises.

Experts say that one of the explanations for Dudley’s rise in CCTV equipment use may be attributed to this year’s lockdowns and anxiety incited by the coronavirus pandemic, but another reason may be that high-technology security solutions are now becoming more affordable. Today, there are far more options available priced at £200 and below, such as the simple but popular doorbell camera, making CCTV easier to acquire.

Close to 96 percent of the town’s cameras are privately owned by enterprises and homeowners. Dudley Council currently employs 80 cutting-edge cameras and expects to add another 20 devices in the near future.

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