Train operator undertakes security updates


UK-based train operating company Greater Anglia is upgrading its security systems using brand-new, cutting-edge equipment.

The large-scale scheme involves upgrades to UK rail stations operated by Greater Anglia across the country, with state-of-the-art closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras being installed at 132 of the operator’s 133 rail stations. This will result in a total of 1,400 all-new devices in place, providing a greater level of security throughout the network.

The advanced CCTV cameras provide high-resolution images that offer security personnel a clear and real-time view of station activity, along with evidential content required for prosecutions when offences are committed on site. Cameras are stationed at help points, which also benefit from help buttons with a direct connection to emergency services. The new system adopted enables the CCTV cameras to be monitored remotely over the internet and deliver a sharing capability, so footage can be sent to the British Transport Police.

The forward-thinking CCTV devices have also been future-proofed, offering scope for enhancement so they can identify damage, non-functioning lighting and acts of graffiti, among other incidents, and they can alert station teams automatically for a swift response.

UK companies mapping out a security system installation in Chester, Cambridge and other cities can rely on local electrical services to set up equipment. Professional electricians are experienced with fitting what can be sometimes complex systems, and they can be relied on to install devices that report back to a central hub. The latest wireless systems provide a non-obtrusive solution that no longer requires miles of cabling to operate, along with many other useful features.

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