Does your company require an EV charge point installation?


Whether they operate in the commercial or industrial sector, buying or leasing electric cars can be a smart move for businesses. The government provides useful tax benefits to help companies electrify their vehicle fleets, and the expenses associated with powering electric cars, vans and trucks is a fraction of what conventional petrol and diesel vehicles cost to run.

It’s important to note that to take advantage of the benefits of using electric vehicles (EVs), firms will also need charging infrastructure installed onsite.

Fortunately, EV charging solutions also receive subsidies from the UK government to help cover costs. Read on to discover some of the reasons for installing EV chargers, along with some onsite considerations, such as how many chargers you’ll need, how will this impact your power requirements, what laws govern charging and who will perform your installation.

Why install EV charging facilities?

The EV charging network continues to expand here in the UK, so you could be forgiven for wondering why you need a charge point in place at your premises. Also, as EVs run on electricity, you may be wondering whether you just employ a three-point plug to charge them up and avoid the unnecessary expense of an installation.

While EVs can be charged by a conventional plug, it’s not the safest or fastest way to charge a vehicle, and it isn’t recommended by electrical professionals. In some cases, it can take more than 24 hours to obtain a fully charged battery.

Whether you have an EV as a company car or you run a whole electric fleet, being able to conveniently power up your transport so it’s ready and available whenever necessary is a powerful asset. Additionally, going green can improve your company’s image with the public and futureproof your business for the government’s plans to make the UK net-zero.

How many chargers will you need?

The government has agreed to ensure that by 2025, all existing non-residential premises with over 20 parking bays must have at least one charge point. It also plans to make it law that new buildings that are non-residential with over 10 parking bays have one charge point fitted.

If you have an EV fleet, it’s sensible to install enough chargers to serve them. While you can alternate which vehicle is being charged, this can be time consuming unless you have the most rapid chargers installed.

You’ll also need to assess the type of power supply your premises has, and the available capacity for your firm. Exceeding this limit may result in additional charges. It is possible when charging numerous EVs simultaneously to use a load management system. This can help you avoid exceeding your limitations by balancing the rate of charging between the number of chargers active.

Experts in EV charge point installations

At BEST Electrical Contractors, we are able to install a wide range of different EV charge points and can advise on the most suitable equipment available to answer your needs. Get in touch today for guidance and free quote.

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