UK government proposes new legislation on EV charge points


In lines with reaching its targets for net zero, the government is encouraging the use of electric vehicles (EVs), and it is supporting their adoption with new policies.

With this in mind, enterprises, commercial developers and landlords are advised to consider futureproofing their premises with provision for EV charge points. Those planning to fit charging facilities or other electrical installations in Chester, Manchester and other cities around the UK should only hire qualified electricians to carry out work.

The government has now held a consultation on a proposed amendment to building regulations that would involve EV infrastructure requirements. If approved, the UK could become the first country to introduce compulsory charging points for new properties.

The proposals suggest that all new buildings for non-residential use must have one charge point and cable routes to support it in place for one in every five parking spaces. This rule would apply also to buildings with an excess of 10 parking places that are undergoing major renovations.

Non-residential buildings already in existence with over 20 individual parking spaces would additionally be required to install at least one charge point from 2025 onwards.

All new residential buildings being constructed with a dedicated car parking space would also require a charge point. This law would also be applied to buildings undertaking a change of use that would see them become a residence.

Finally, every building for residential purposes with over 10 car parking spaces undergoing a large-scale refurbishment would be required to have EV charge point cable routes installed for every vehicle parking space on site.

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