Electrical upgrade plans for Hampshire fire station


Heads of planning are presently assessing proposals to better response times at New Forest fire station in Hampshire through the introduction of electrically operated doors.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) has submitted a planning application to New Forest District Council to further its aim to upgrade its station on Christchurch Road in Ringwood, first established in the 1970s.

To facilitate faster responses times in emergency situations, HFRS seeks to now modernise the doors used at both the back and front of its bay where the station’s fire engine is housed. The planning application made by the HFRS states:

“The front doors are to be electrically operated so they can be opened at the touch of a button rather than manually by a member of the crew, limiting as far as possible the delay in being able to respond.”

Following departure of the fire services vehicle, the new bay doors would then close automatically to keep the building secure. An added benefit of the new electrical doors will mean that the station’s insulation will also be improved by reducing loss of heat in the colder months of the year.

Upgrading doors with electrically operated features can not only save money on energy bills but provide a greater level of security when premises are unattended. Businesses arranging electrical installations in Chester, Hampshire and other parts of UK should always use qualified contractors to ensure work is completed safely and satisfactorily. Once installed, electrical systems should be routinely maintained at regular intervals to ensure they are working at their optimum.

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