Research shows UK manufacturers taking green measures


A recent study conducted by the manufacturing association Make UK and electric utility provide E.ON indicates that manufacturers are heading up the “green revolution” in the United Kingdom.

The research revealed that 90% of UK manufacturing firms are aware of the UK government’s goal to achieve net-zero by 2050 and 40% are already reaping the benefits of greener solutions, reporting an increase in profit margins and competitiveness.

Statistics show that almost 30% of manufacturers have made solid investments for energy efficiency in the last 12 months, most of which involve changes in equipment, production processes and building improvements.

A simple step in the net-zero mission, the report suggested that improving a building’s energy efficiency had a positive impact on running costs. Other measures listed delivering savings include exchanging fluorescent and neon lighting for updated LED solutions with smart control and upgrading antiquated equipment on site, like pump systems and fans.

Manufacturing firms looking to adopt new energy-saving solutions for day-to-day operations in factories and warehouses should consult industrial electrical contractors in Chester, Liverpool and other cities. Professional electricians can carry out energy audits on premises to measure potential cost savings and explore more eco-friendly options.

The research also showed that updating to more energy-efficient equipment was adopted by 71%of manufacturing enterprises, and that close to a third reported the installation of technology designed for energy saving had given their businesses a boost, showing that the switch has financial benefits as well as environmental ones.

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