Energy market regulator to invest millions in electrical infrastructure


In a bid to prepare the UK for increased electric heat and transport use, the government’s energy market regulator, Ofgem, will make an investment of £300 million.

A recent announcement made by the regulator stated that funds would be used in over 200 projects across the country to put infrastructure in place to provide low-carbon capabilities.

The massive investment will now be delivered over a two-year term and is an integral part of a greater plan representing £40 billion to make sure the UK is able to make the move to low-carbon heating and transport options, while still maintaining a secure supply of energy.

The UK is set to abolish the sale of both new diesel and petrol-powered vehicles from 2030, in line with the government’s ongoing goal to achieve reduced emissions to net-zero status by the year 2050. However, as UK drivers swap from diesel and petrol to electric battery power, the nation’s substations, cabling and other important infrastructure will require an extensive upgrade in order to support the greater demand for available electricity.

Ofgem has confirmed that an element of its dedicated funding package will see locations for motorway service and trunk roads receive the cables they require for the installation of 1,800 all-new electrical charge points capable of ultra-rapid charging, in a move that will triple the present network.

Local authorities and enterprises alike undertaking electrical installations in Chester, London and other major UK cities can depend on certified electricians to carry out work to code, ensuring safe operation and maximum performance.

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