Full electrical upgrade planned for Scottish firm


A roof tile manufacturing firm based in Scotland’s Dumfries and Galloway recently announced a £1.7 million project that will see its facilities experience a major electrical refit.

Russel Roof Tiles in Lochmaben is the biggest independent company in the UK’s pitched roof market, which currently manufactures concrete derivatives. The new capital investment will see the firm update the electrical systems, among other key areas, at its locally based tile plant, where 56 of its 150 staff operate.

Enterprises can hire electrical services in Chester, Lochmaben and other parts of the UK to conduct regular testing at their facilities to ensure they are operating safely and at peak performance. Routine maintenances can be spread over five-year schedules, ensuring minimal disruption and downtime.

The renovation project will see a major electrical upgrade at the utility plant, along with the construction of a new building to house the tile firm’s first robot packer. The full electrical update and key mechanical improvements have been selected to improve the firm’s production rate, increasing its capacity and allowing it to meet the rising demand for its roofing products.

Additionally, £70,000 of the recent investment will be put towards new welfare facilities for staff, and a further upgrade is planned for specialised manufacturing equipment onsite.

Andrew Hayward, the Managing Director of the company, commented to Insider.co.uk:

“Over the past five years, we have invested significantly in new plant and equipment at all of our three sites to both increase manufacturing efficiencies and reduce our environmental impact.”

Work at the 11-acre Lochmaben site is expected to be completed this spring.

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