Upgrades at Norfolk station set to resume


An extensive scheme to update Attleborough train station in Norfolk that involves new electrical equipment being deployed is now ready to continue.

The improvement plan – worth £500,000 – will reboot soon, starting with tripling the car park capacity at the site and creating dedicated spaces for both bicycles and motorbikes. Electrical charge points for the use of vehicles powered by electric batteries will also be fitted, futureproofing the Norfolk station in line with UK Government’s plans to outlaw petrol and diesel car usage going forwards.

Along with the charging technology for electrical cars on site, other updates will include a state-of-the-art closed-circuit television (CCTV) system and all-new, energy saving LED lighting being fitted. Enterprises seeking to update their electrical systems can rely on commercial and industrial electrical contractors in Chester, Norfolk and other parts of the country.

Professional electricians are qualified to advise on and complete CCTV installations. They can also offer energy audits that allow firms to see the annual savings they can potentially make by adopting modern lighting solutions that are LED-powered over conventional neon and fluorescent options.

Unlike many UK renovation schemes, the delays caused to the improvement project at Attleborough Station were not due to the coronavirus pandemic, but because of a planning issue. The scheme was launched back in 2018, but it was forced to halt in autumn 2020 while an official council assessment was completed for a planning amendment. With this issue now overcome, the much-needed updates to the station will soon be underway once more.

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