Logistics firm uses low-carbon methods onsite


CEVA Logistics has chosen a sustainable approach for the work being conducted from its new UK warehouse. It secured the new premises at Max Park in Corby following completion of a five-year contract with Mölnlycke, a Swedish headquartered firm that produces medical equipment and other solutions.

The multi-purpose facility operated by CEVA Logistics will empower the healthcare manufacturer to respond more swiftly to its customer’s needs and provide an improved service.

The Max Park warehouse space, which covers 5,000 metres squared, has been extensively overhauled with ecological and energy saving LED technology lighting systems. Companies operating factories and warehouses can rely on industrial electrical contractors in Chester and Corby for advice on sustainable solutions that can cut down electrical costs. LED lighting systems can provide significant savings over more traditional options that use neon and fluorescents bulbs.

Experts in sustainability and efficiency, CEVA Logistics also worked alongside the Swedish healthcare firm to streamline its supply lines and design a more effective and efficient route that reduced the company’s carbon footprint by 41 percent in comparison to its previous system.

General Manager for CEVA Logistics, Sam Goodger, commented:

“We have been able to demonstrate a clear understanding of Mölnlycke’s business and designed a cost-effective solution over the long-term which shows our commitment to continuous improvement.”

The new facility will be dedicated to handling logistics for Mölnlycke. All finished products manufactured in Europe and Asia will be stored, organised, picked and then packed at the warehouse, before being distributed widely around the UK.

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