Newcastle to add electrical upgrades to city subway


As part of its continuing regeneration efforts, Newcastle City Council has tackled a crime hotspot with new electrical systems designed to protect shoppers and local business owners.

An underpass offering pedestrians safe passage beneath a busy road has been entirely revamped, with security devices added, along with all-new electrical lighting. A local hotspot for criminal activity, the subterranean corridor off Newcastle’s Grosvenor roundabout has been plagued by drug dealing and begging in the past.

Now, this is set to change as work nears completion on the subway, with a brighter lighting system fitted and closed-circuit television devices (CCTV) installed to deter crime and help shoppers feel safer. This year will mark the successful completion of a council initiative originally launched back in 2019 to upgrade the city’s lighting to a more energy efficient and eco-friendlier LED-based system.

Local authorities and businesses alike that are planning electrical installations around Chester, Newcastle and other major UK cities can rely on advice and assistance from qualified contractors. Professional electrical services often help companies with free lighting audits that can show them the potential savings of making a move to use modern LED lights instead of traditional fluorescent fixtures.

The roundabout underpass is the second of five subways being renovated in the city’s sunken garden. Along with new electrical features, the underpasses are also being resurfaced with new tiling featuring murals by local artists that depict popular activities and famous landmarks around Newcastle, along with well-known roundabout sculptures like the town centre’s Honey Bee and Buzzard.

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