When do enterprises need to upgrade their electrical systems?


Whether you run a chain of retail outlets or industrial facilities like store houses and factories, there will likely come a time when your electrical systems require an overhaul. From replacing out-of-date features and optimising efficiency to installing new equipment that demands more power, there are multiple reasons for updating onsite electrics. Read on for a closer look at some situations where an electrical upgrade is essential.

Safety first

Electricity is a powerful asset for any enterprise, but it also has the ability to harm both people and property if it is not adequately maintained in good working order. Outdated electrical systems with parts that need replacing can lead to electrical faults, shock and fires.

Many onsite protective measures rely on electricity to function. From security cameras and intruder alarms to fire prevention systems, these safety features can be jeopardised by faulty wiring and worn-out components. You must be able to count on these protective devices when an incident occurs.

The most important reason for upgrading your electrics should always be to protect the lives of your staff and customers, along with safeguarding your investment.


Providing heat, light and energy to premises, electricity is a critical requirement for firms to operate. Older electrical systems may sometimes need parts upgraded to remain effective. To run any business, your electrics must be reliable, so when you experience failures and shorts that impact your businesses, it’s time for an upgrade.

Increased electrical requirements

If your operation increases its productivity, your power needs may also rise. Power supplies can be upgraded from single-phase to three-phase capabilities for businesses of all sizes that are expanding, and for commercial developers that are adapting properties.

Restaurants and retailers adding new equipment like kitchen appliances and store freezers may need an upgrade to cope with increased power needs, as will a firm installing onsite electrical vehicle (EV) charge-points for staff use or to power a fleet.

Finding the best time for an electrical upgrade

At BEST Electrical Contractors, we understand that extensive electrical upgrades take careful planning, or they can be exceptionally disruptive for businesses. This is why we work closely with our clients and involve them in every aspect of an upgrade, from start to finish.

By creating a bespoke work schedule, we can ensure work is carried out in phases at times when your operation is closed or less busy. This keeps interruptions to a minimum, negating any impact on your company’s day-to-day running.

Our expert electrical contractors can tackle any element of an upgrade, from rewiring electrical supplies to installing new equipment onsite, like CCTV networks, fire alarm systems and EV charging facilities. We also offer preventative maintenance plans that allow companies to update outdated parts of their system as and when required, before they become a problem.

Tackling each problem with planned maintenance can be a far more cost-effective option for firms compared to waiting until a system is out of date and requires and extensive and expensive upgrade.

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