Buxton set to host guide to electrical safety


A course entitled the “HSE Inspector’s Guide to Electrical Safety” will be held in the Peak District town of Buxton.

The workshop operated by the Health and Safety Executive will offer experienced instruction from both former and current Specialist Electrical Inspectors. The course is based on experience gained by practicing inspectors during their investigations and enforcement of legislation. The knowledge imparted to those taking part in the single-day workshop has been gleaned from the HSEs inspections of businesses across the UK.

Business owners and those employed to oversee electrical installations around Chester, Buxton and other Northern cities and towns should attend the workshop for a better understanding of what HSE inspectors will be looking into when they visit their premises.

Attendees will gain a new understanding of the potential electrical risks Inspectors seek during visits as well as an in-depth knowledge of the appropriate controls they should have in place.

Topics covered over the electrical safety course will include, guidance for best practices, relevant legislation, enforcement principles with recent case studies. Priority and high-risk issues for general safety when using electricity focused on by HSE inspectors will be explained and issues likely to cause enforcement will be highlighted.

Additionally, practical demonstrations of potential hazards connected with electrical systems will be showcased to delegates. From policies to procedures, methods will also be shown to empower those responsible for electrical installations to manage their system safely.

The course in electrical safety from the HSE will take place at the HSL laboratory in Buxton on March 17.

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