Electrical faults to blame in Yorkshire fires


Two of the largest blazes occurring in recent months around West Yorkshire have now been attributed to electrical faults.

A quarterly report recently released by West Yorkshire Fire Authority revealed details of two fires the force attended at commercial premises in the area. The first of them took place on South Street in Keighley at a takeaway outlet called Miraj Pizza Bar.

The Fire Authority’s report states that 46 firefighters and eight fire vehicles arrived to tackle the blaze. The fire crews were called to the property following reports of a fire located in the basement of the premises. At one point during the inferno, combined crews from Fairweather Green, Shipley, Silsden, Odsal, Leeds, Bingley, Keighley and Illingworth worked together to get the flames under control.

The incident report listed “faulty wiring, cabling or plugs” as the cause of the fire. It is the responsibility of every UK business owner to ensure their property is compliant with government safety regulations. It is essential that electrical systems at a commercial or industrial property are routinely maintenance. Whether businesses are based in Keighley or Chester, an electrical contractor that is fully qualified is a must to ensure the service is completed efficiently.

The second largest of the two fires happened in a supermarket in Bradford on Girlington Road. Once more, multiple crews from across the region works alongside each other to extinguish the fire. Resources from Dewsbury, Illingworth, Stanningley, Bingley, Shipley and Cleckheaton attended the incident.

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