Electrical fault delays restart for Kent school


The North Borough Junior School based in Maidstone has been forced to closed after an electrical fault caused a fire in one of its buildings.

The Kent County school had recently reopened, with pupils returning after the enforced government measures during the coronavirus outbreak.

Jenny Chiverton, head teacher, commented:

“We are disappointed that we cannot continue to operate again as we had planned. Our staff had worked hard, making arrangements for pupils to return in a safe way. We have been open for key workers’ children throughout the lockdown and we were gradually reintroducing our Year 6 pupils.”

Fire crews tackled the blaze which occurred in a storeroom used by the Peel Street school’s caretaker. While the outbuilding was not connected to the school it was located next to the main entrance, forcing the decision to close the facility once more. No children were present in the school at the time of the fire, but a staff manager and two cleaners were on site. A council spokesperson stated no one was near the fire when it started.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service reported an electrical fault inside a battery charger had caused the blaze. Institutions and businesses should ensure that all electrical appliances employed on site are always regularly checked to ensure users are never at risk. Qualified electrical contractors in Chester, Maidstone and other parts of the UK can conduct routine Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) to make certain all devices are functioning properly and safe to use.

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