Electrical fault destroys massive cider store


A fire caused by an electrical issue has resulted in the destruction of an estimated 5,000 litres of cider.

Crews from Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service were called out to tackle a huge fire on a farm run by brewers Twisted Cider. The extensive blaze decimated two barns along with a shop housing thousands of litres of the fermented apple drink.

A spokesperson for the fire services has confirmed that an electrical fault was responsible for the fire at the farm in the village of Longburton.

Firms operating facilities where large volumes of stock are held should have premises routinely serviced by electrical contractors to ensure systems are working properly. Regardless of whether the work is carried out in a village in Dorset or a city like Chester, electrical installations should only be checked by a certified professional. Regular servicing can spot electrical faults before they become dangerous and cause costly damage.

Ben Weller, director at Twisted Cider, commented on the catastrophe:

“Early estimates calculate 5,000 litres of cider was lost along with 21×1000 litre containers, 3×200 litre containers and 1×20 litre container. One of the barns stored all our signage for our open day along with the sports equipment and marquees used on the day.”

Weller also added that the rollers used in the firm’s belt press were also kept in the barns and severely damaged.

A temporary shop has now been constructed on the farm allowing the 10-year old enterprise to keep operating.

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