College fire sees multiple crews onsite


A blaze that erupted recently at Bridgwater and Taunton College in Somerset’s Bridgewater was attended by 15 dedicated fire appliances.

Crews from the county’s emergency services were dispatched in the morning to College Way after receiving multiple reports. Incident commander Paul Mitchell commented to Somerset Live:

“There was a lot of smoke and it was considerably windy in the early hours of this morning so that fanned the flames so when we arrived it was a considerable fire inside.”

Members of the public were advised by crews onsite to give the area a wide berth for their own personal safety, while homeowners were instructed to keep both their doors and windows firmly closed.

From educational facilities to industrial enterprises, UK operations are required to conduct essential fire risk assessments on site to protect not just the property contained within them, but also the people who use them, whether it’s for work or study.

Enterprises can rely on fire alarm fitters in Chester, Somerset and other areas around the UK to install fire safety devices in line with regulations. Professional electricians are qualified to fit a wide range of fire prevention equipment, from smoke detectors to large-scale alarm systems that send alerts to local fire services automatically.

An eyewitness account of the college fire stated that loud bangs could be heard, while flames shot up 30-feet high into the air. While the blaze was fully extinguished by local fire crews, the incident is under investigation and being treated as a deliberate act of arson.

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