Investigation launched after Scottish industrial blaze


A fire that took place at a vehicle depot used by Fife Council has seen the local authority start its own investigation.

The recent blaze that broke out at the council facility on Halbeath Industrial Estate was reported by multiple members of the community, who informed local emergency services that multiple vehicles were alight onsite.

A spokesperson from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Services commented:

“We received an alarm at 8.35pm on Friday, February 26 to report of vehicles on fire at the Fife Council depot in Halbeath Industrial Estate. Two fire crews from Dunfermline Fire Station were dispatched and on arrival found five vehicles to be well alight.”

The crews that arrived at the industrial estate were able to quickly quell the blaze and had left the Fife site by 10.36pm.

The vehicles that were destroyed in the fire included a number of mobility buses that are part of the council’s dedicated fleet employed to transport more vulnerable members of the community around the local area.

While police enquiries into the event were conducted to no avail, the local council is now seeking to unearth the cause of the fire with its own investigation.

Enterprises that run industrial sites, like recycling plants, vehicle depots, warehouses and factories, are responsible for conducting complete risk assessments for fire safety on site. Facilities across the UK in places like Fife and Chester can use electrical services with certified contractors to fit fire alarm systems and smoke detectors.

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