Delay to fire safety work in Islington


The Spa Green Estate in North London, which is currently undergoing fire safety work, is experiencing delays due to faulty pipes.

Islington Council agreed essential work should be carried out in 2017, to bolster fire safety on the estate but problems due to the piping has slowed down the process. At a recent general meeting of the Spa Green Organisation (SPGO) residents inquired why pipes fitted with a life expectancy of between 25 to 50 years should be causing water leaks and heating issues in several flats. Technical Service Manager for Islington Garret McEntree stated that the same materials were used at other sites without fault and suggested residents service charges potentially could cover replacement works.

Independent fire experts, the Potter Raper Partnership were due to perform an audit, commissioned by the council as asked by SPGO. Before the pipe issue was identified, they had already begun installing essential fire stopping in a selection of flats as pilots for the project. This has been halted with an investigation into the pipes has taken precedence and won’t be completed until January.

In regard to the cost of the firestopping, McEntree commented that although it will not be his decision, he does not expect residents to foot the bill for the additional work required.

Following the 2017 fire at Grenfell Tower there has been a demand for tower blocks to compartmentalise with adequate firestopping to inhibit fires from spreading. These measures at the Spa Green Estate are a direct reaction to the incident.

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